Fundraising Ideas for Concession Stands

Christopher Robbins/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Concession stands are one of the best methods in a school environment to raise funds for a variety of needs. Some of the most common reasons for earning money in a school environment is for team uniforms, sporting equipment or repairs. Fundraisers are also held for common causes, such as to donate money to various organizations like the American Red Cross or the National Cancer Society. Concession stands are a part of Americana that serve as locations to sell a large number of goods from cupcakes to t-shirts to offering services in return for funds or donations.


Concession stands are a common site at most city park facilities as well as schools, and can be used to sell a variety of items for a large number of purposes. Food is a traditional service provided by concession stands for raising funds for equipment, field maintenance or uniforms. Favorite food sales in concession stands may offer hot foods like hot dogs and hamburgers or candy or snack-foods only. Drinks, cotton candy and ice cream cones, popcorn and peanuts are also popular choices for foods offered at concession stands.


Sell T-shirts, caps, hats or souvenirs, and banners at a concession stand to raise funds for anything. Decorate the stand in a favorite team's colors or school logo to make it more appealing to the crowd. Ask local office supply businesses or printing shops to donate items for fund raising activities, such as a few dozen pre-printed baseball caps, or t-shirts. Sponsors throughout the neighborhood or community may also donate their time and offer discounts or freebie prizes or raffles to offer for sale.

Bake Sales

Take the traditional bake sale from in front of the supermarket and bring it into the concession stand. Donations of baked goods such as cookies, cakes, brownies and candies offered at low to moderate prices are a great way for schools or organizations to earn money for field trips. Suggest a theme for baked goods in such instances, such as dinosaur-shaped goods for an elementary school class raising funds for a field trip to a natural history museum and the like.