How to File School Taxes

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How you file your school taxes, will depend on how your district collects those taxes. In most cases you will file those taxes with your property tax, or in some instances, you will need to report your school taxes when you file your state income tax.

Some districts may even provide you the option to file your school taxes online, when you file your income tax or pay your property tax. Usually, you will make payment with a credit card or electronic check, if filing online is an option.

Step 1

Call the superintendent’s office of your school district to find out how the district collects your school taxes. Tell the representative who takes your call, you want to file and pay your school taxes and would like to know how to proceed. Make sure you clarify the deadline for payment and the amount of tax you must pay.

Step 2

Go to your county tax assessor’s office to file and make payment of your property taxes and school taxes, if your district makes collections through property tax.

Step 3

Record the amount you must pay for school taxes on your state income tax forms, if your district collects from income taxes. Make payment directly to the state when you file your state income tax report.

Step 4

Check with your state revenue department and your county assessor’s office to see if you can file your income and property taxes online. If so, file your taxes online and pay your schools taxes as directed by the superintendent of your school district.