Paperwork is a fact of life in a business. A document control project structure provides a template for the classification, processing and maintenance of documents. Document control systems range from manual document filing plans to the use of imaging and information systems technology to store and catalog documents.


Document control blends the disciplines of library science and office administration. This is reflected in creating the project file structures. Similar to a catalog, a document control system consist of identifying documents, assigning control numbers and, in more detailed project structures, classification and security levels. Businesses often use imaging systems that automatically create data structures, thus making it more efficient to find and locate documents using computer technology.


The size of a document control project system can vary. For example, in a large system, document control can be classified into different functions, such as archival services, record retention services and document preservation services.


An effective document control strategic plan includes audit systems for the classification and handling of documents. Standard operating procedures based on document control functions can be referenced for the proper maintenance of documents and the systems which support document management.