There are many reasons to be cautious when deciding on pre-engineered buildings. They can be used for large industrial buildings to small storage buildings in your garden or home, but they have some disadvantages.

Price comparison

Comparing prices when shopping for this type of building is crucial to finding a good deal, but don't go for the cheaper option. Metal Building Guide states that, 26-gauge steel structures are of better quality. However, economy building systems make use of thinner 29-gauge steel which compromises the sturdiness and strength of the structure.


All costs must be factored because many features you might think are included cost extra. Most buildings do not come insulated and don't include doors, accessories or windows.


You must obtain a permit to build this type of structure just as with any structures in construction. You need a drawings certified by an engineer and anchor bolt plans before you apply for the permit. These should come with your steel pre-engineered structure.


Most manufacturers provide customers with warranties on pre-engineered steel buildings, ranging from 20 to 50 years.