A program budget is a budget designed for a specific activity or program. This budget includes only revenue and expenses for a specific program. Program budgets are used in many organizations including businesses and schools.


Budgeting is a technique used to plan for the financial activities of an organization. Many organizations have departments or programs within the larger organization. Each department or program may perform activities requiring a budget. A budget lists all revenues and expenditures and helps a program control the financial activities in which it takes part.


A school, for example, has different programs within the organization. A human resource committee is a common program within a school that has a program budget. The committee follows a set of objectives and the money spent within the budget must match the goals set for the committee and the entire organization as a whole.


Programs or committees having a budget are responsible for maintaining the budget. This includes finding additional ways to earn money. The program is also responsible for spending the money wisely to benefit the organization.