Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find important records when you need them. Passports, vaccination records and financial documents should all be filed away in a household filing system. Never underestimate the benefits of an effective filing system.


Do you know where your car title is? How about the deed to your house? The point of having a filing system is to be able to find and retrieve the information you need, when you need it. An effective filing system will save you time and minimize the chance that you will lose important documents and records.

Legal requirements

Another benefit of having a filing system is that it helps you comply with legal requirements that govern how long you have to keep different types of documents. The Association of Records Management Administrators recommends that you check state administrative codes, state statutes, and the U.S. Code to find the regulations relevant to record retention where you live.


An advantage to maintaining your records properly is that having a filing system helps you know when to purge old records that you no longer have to keep. Financial records and records that contain personal information should be shredded to avoid the chance that they will fall into the wrong hands.