In businesses that experience high call volume, there are few tools as important as the phone queue system. A queue is a lineup of calls, and by routing calls automatically to the appropriate person or department, the queue may eliminate the need for a receptionist.

How They Work

A phone queue system is an add-on to a multiline phone system that allows calls to remain on hold until a phone agent is ready to handle the call. The caller in the queue system experiences a wait, and agents fielding calls receive them one at a time. The agents also may be able to see how many calls are waiting and for how long. Many phone queue systems integrate with company computer systems, allowing agents to conduct retail business or other processing, tracking that data along with information about the nature of the phone calls.

Benefits for Business

Having a queue system for your business phone helps reduce the chance of missing a call. Intelligent phone queue systems distribute calls according to company parameters set by computers and even collect data on them. A phone queue system can provide a list of menu options that enable a caller to be routed appropriately without human intervention.

Reporting Function

Phone queue systems, typically called ACD or automatic call distribution systems, allow businesses to run reports on their call volume, which means the business can learn a lot about the calls coming in to the call center. Gathering data about when calls come in, how long callers remain on hold before hanging up, how long the average call lasts and what commonly occurs allows companies to intelligently manage their staffing and redraft call agent scripts.