Leaving a Job and Email Notification

by Herbert Kanter ; Updated September 26, 2017
Sometimes a job is not what you thought it would be.

When leaving a job it is typically best to inform your boss in person of your decision to move on from the company. However, this is often an undesirable or impossible scenario. Notification emails should be succinct and considerate.

Alternatives to Email Notification

If possible, consider avoiding email notification and pursuing a more personable and professional route. Other alternatives to email notification are a written letter slipped under a door, a telephone call or a direct conversation with your boss. Assuming the latter is undesirable consider speaking about your intentions with another employee on the same level as your boss.

Email Notification Consequences

There can be consequences for choosing to notify your company via email that you are leaving. Your boss may not check his email, and become distressed that you are not at work, possibly leading to a call to your family or your emergency contacts to be sure that you are okay. Also, if you notify your boss by email, it is less likely that he will recommend you well to a future job.

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Composing the Email

Should you decide to send an email regarding your decision to leave your job, be sure to clearly and simply state your reason for leaving without giving offense to your boss or the company. At the same time, it is important to be honest as to what led you to make your decision, as this could improve the situation of the person taking your place.


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