A purchase requisition is a form used by businesses, nonprofit agencies and government offices to coordinate organizational requests for purchases of goods and services. These forms make the process of purchasing items within an organization standard and streamlined.


Most purchase requisitions have common components such as an area where a number of items to be purchased is listed. Depending on the structure of the organization, a signature or authorization from a key staffer with budgetary authority is usually necessary. Also, the form often has designated areas for office use that only the purchasing department may use for notes or internal communication.


A purchase requisition needs to have an area that lists items to be ordered. This list would also require unit prices and the quantities requested. There may also be an area designated for account information such as which budget would be affected by the purchase and other accounting information.


Many organizations contract their purchases of office supplies or other necessary goods to specific companies in order to receive price and volume discounts. Such organizations require their employees to submit a purchase requisition with such vendors only. Once approved, a purchase requisition is submitted as an order to purchase.