As one of the largest corporations in the United States, Walmart has a social responsibility to both its employees and customers that are outlined in the company's code of ethics.

Walmart's Ethics Beliefs

Mentioned as one of the first items in the company's code of ethics, Walmart has three basic principles: "respect for the individual," "service to the customer" and "striving for excellence."

Guiding Principles

Walmart adheres to a number of guiding principles in its code of ethics that include abiding by the law, reporting information about company practices honestly, acting in a manner that exhibits integrity and consulting a manager or the Walmart Global Ethics Office about any issues that arise with the question of ethics.

Vision Statement

Like many companies, Walmart has a vision for what it strives to achieve on a personal and community level. The company's vision statement is as follows: "The vision of The Global Ethics Office is to promote ownership of Walmart's ethical culture to all stakeholders globally."