Corporate execitives will go to great lengths when planning their operations and deciding how to operate in the business environment. Security—both for physical items and data generated by the business—is a specific focus of corporate planning, which will include setting goals and objectives.


Corporate security goals and objectives can be reducing the activities that will harm employees, securing facilities from outside individuals and restricting access to sensitive corporate documents, among other things. Companies may outline this information in their operating handbooks.


While security goals and objectives often focus on preserving the company’s operations, it can also help prevent lawsuits from business stakeholders. Publicly held companies may need extensive security goals and objectives to ensure that shareholders do not lose their investments.


In today’s technological business environment, companies will also need to implement goals and objectives to prevent the abuse of information or operations electronically. These objectives fall under the company’s information technology department. Cyber-security also helps prevent abuse of customer or vendor information.