Managing employees can present difficult situations to business owners and managers. A popular concept is "employee empowerment," which allows employees the ability to make decisions in their job. However, resistance may be on both sides of the workplace.


Resistance to employee empowerment can occur when owners and managers are unwilling to give decision-making authority to individuals who are incapable of carrying this responsibility. Additionally, employees may not desire to have this power, because of the additional responsibility bestowed upon them.


Most employees have some authority to make decisions when completing tasks in their job. Empowerment allows them to make decisions based on local conditions, personal experience or knowledge, and adjust quickly to economic conditions without asking for feedback from upper management.


Companies often resist employee empowerment, because individuals working in certain departments often have limited knowledge of the company’s overall operations. This can create a myopic view for decisions, seeking only to benefit their immediate situation rather than the company as a whole.