The hours implied by full-time employment in Florida can make a big difference if you get paid by the hour. Even if a job promises full-time hours, you should confirm how many work hours are both expected and guaranteed.

Florida State Law


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Florida law states that 10 hours of work is a legal full-time work day, unless a contract stating something different has been signed by the employee and employer, according to 2010 Florida legal statues cited on the Florida legislature's Online Sunshine website. Any work performed that exceeds 10 hours daily must be compensated by extra pay.

Federal Law


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According to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, employees working more than 40 hours a week in the United States are entitled to overtime pay. There are some exemptions to who is covered by the act, and you should check to make sure that you are included.

Full-Time Employment


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What is considered full-time employment in Florida varies from company to company, although the most common perception is 40 hours a week. In some medical professions, such as nursing, 36 hours a week is often considered full-time employment. You should inquire with individual Florida businesses to see what they consider full-time employment before accepting a position.