Traditional View of Organizational Conflict

The traditional view of organizational conflict views workplace problems as completely negative entities. According to the Jordan Multilingual Business and Tourism Portal, businesspeople possessing the traditional view look to avoid workplace conflict.


Organizational conflict avoidance creates win-lose situations, leaving the less powerful party to feel disgruntled. Additionally, Reference for Business, a business encyclopedia, notes workplace conflict avoidance keeps the conflict’s root intact, making conflict re-occurrence a likely possibility.


Communication apprehension proves commonplace in the traditional view of organizational conflict. This apprehension prevents sharing new ideas, creating a complacent workplace.



According to Reference for Business, the traditional view of workplace conflict dominated business philosophy up until the 1940s. By the 1940s the philosophy changed to the belief, managed correctly, organizational conflict can help an organization.



While no longer considered effective to avoid workplace conflict, Reference for Business notes the strategy has a role in conflict management. This role involves short-term avoidance in order to help calm emotions before starting conflict resolution. Calmness proves important because conflict resolution requires objective mindsets.



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