A corporate seal acts as the legal mark of a corporation. The corporation's official mark may be embossed on paper, envelopes and other legal documents to serve as evidence of the company's legal existence.


A company's corporate seal displays the full legal name of the corporation. This makes it easier for vendors and other interested parties to distinguish a corporation from another business. Since the company's corporate seal identifies the business, it may act as a signature on the corporation's legal documents. A company's corporate seal has the words "corporate seal" on it.


The company's state of incorporation is identified on the corporate seal.


The date that your company became officially incorporated must be on the corporate seal. Having the date of incorporation indicated on the corporate seal makes it easier for interested parties to confirm the legitimacy of the corporation. States such as California require a corporate seal to contain the month, day and year of incorporation.


Use of a corporate seal is not a requirement, but it can legitimize the company's stock certificates. Depending on the bank, a corporation uses its corporate seal to open an account and for signing bank documents.