What Does it Mean to Be Servsafe Certified?

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ServSafe certification means you have passed an examination covering food safety administered by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, according to Mississippi State University. Gaining ServSafe certification can create opportunity for advancement in the food service industry.


In general, only food service managers or those who work in child care receive ServSafe certification, according to the NRAEF. It gives you national recognition that you understand proper food safety regulations and methods for any establishment serving food.


Those with a ServSafe certificate may pass on their knowledge of food safety to other employees, and as of 2010, all 50 states recognize ServSafe certification. It also boosts your professional profile.


Number Certified

According to Mississippi State University, more than 3 million people hold ServSafe certification.


Time Frame

The standard ServSafe certificate remains valid for five years, according to NRAEF. However, state and local law or employer policy may dictate that you renew certification more frequently than every five years.



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