What Is the Meaning of an HR Policy?

by Kyra Sheahan ; Updated September 26, 2017

Policies are ground rules that keep people and processes in order. HR, or human resource, policies are those that are written for the workplace, and must be adhered to by employees.


According to US Legal, HR policies are official guidelines and rules that are put into place by a company’s HR department to hire, train, evaluate and reward staff.


US Legal explains that HR policies serve to prevent or clarify misunderstandings between employers and employees, which have to do with rights and obligations in the workplace. Employees use HR policies for guidance and direction if there are any questions about office processes or expectations.

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Establishing consistency across the organization will help employers maintain order in the workplace. HR policies also serve to protect employers in the court of law. If employees bring their employers to suit, the court may look to the company’s HR policies to protect the organization (or protect the employee if HR policies are deficient).


HR policies include behavioral, ethical and professional codes that employees must abide by. They also include policies on training requirements, performance evaluations, benefits and wages, overtime, breaks and termination protocols.

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