Purpose of Management Accounting

Management accounting is a method used to analyze a company’s financial information and to plan for future needs and goals of the business.


Management accounting is used to plan for future needs of companies by using the financial information they are given to plan budgets and implement strategies to increase profitability.

Directing and Motivating

Directing and motivating employees is a purpose of management accounting. Management accountants serve as liaisons between employees and upper-level management to answer questions and help solve problems.



These accountants follow through with plans they’ve developed and make sure they are carried out.



The primary purpose of management accounting is to analyze information. They determine problematic areas and develop ways to correct them. They use the information to develop ways of increasing the company’s profit.



Most of the goals and plans developed by these accountants take the form of reports. The reports they generate state clearly the conclusions they’ve reached and their recommendations for solutions to problems.



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