Blanchard ground refers to a metal that has been through a grinding process to quickly remove stock from one side of a part. The machinery used was developed by the Blanchard Machine Company. The process is known as Blanchard grinding or rotary surface grinding.


Blanchard grinding utilizes more horsepower than other grinding processes, according to TCI Precision Metals, a California business that offers Blanchard grinding services.


A number of materials can be Blanchard ground, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, plastic and sheet metal. Some parts that typically go through Blanchard grinding include rotary tables, die blocks, plate stock and vacuum chambers.


The Blanchard grinding process is quicker than other grinding processes, especially on large parts. One of the reasons for its speed is that multiple pieces can go through the Blanchard grinding process at once.


In Blanchard grinding, a grinding wheel is placed on a vertical spindle and then moved counter to the rotation of a magnetic chuck, which holds the piece in place, according to an explanation from The process leaves a telltale finish pattern on the surface of parts.


Blanchard grinding produces a reliable consistency in its preparation of parts that ensures that different parts will have the same thickness when desired. This eliminates mismatches of parts that can occur in the flycutting process.