What Is an Elevator Speech?

The "elevator speech” describes a short presentation of an idea, business or person’s qualifications. It is meant to convey a precise and persuasive synopsis very quickly without sounding too much like a sales pitch.


When the Internet exploded onto the market, there were a tremendous number of new development companies looking for capital. They found that the most successful pitch short and simple, conveying their business ideas in 30 seconds——the time it took to ride in an elevator.


The speech is no longer than 30 seconds and simply conveys the benefits and uniqueness of your services, company or product. It should be memorable and catch your audience's attention quickly.


The speech should address what your product or service is, your market, your rivals, your competitive edge and a little about who makes up your team.


Speeches should be written with a specific audience in mind and should have a hook. Be passionate and end with some form of request for a referral, business card or follow-up.


Some of the best tips for a using an elevator speech successfully include practicing your speech until it is flawless, making eye contact, having a firm handshake and making it conversational and not like an infomercial.