Bad business etiquette can ruin a company and business relationships. You can come across rude and inconsiderate without intent. Avoiding bad etiquette shows you care enough to try to improve your business and get the best out of each encounter.

Being Late

Being late not only is rude but it starts off a meeting or appointment on a bad note. It shows that you do not care enough to be there on time. If you are going to be late, call ahead and let the party know that you will be arriving late or reschedule.

Leaving Cell Phones On

Many people make the mistake of leaving their cell phones on during a meeting, appointment or business get together. Not only is the ringing rude, but answering it is also rude. Mary Gormandy White says in her article "Business Etiquette Tips" says that "Ignoring or postponing the person who is with you to take a call from someone else is rude and conveys a general lack of respect."

Sloppy Dress

When in business, your attire conveys your seriousness about your job. If you show up to work or a meeting with wrinkles or not matching, it seems like you do not care to be there at that time. Take the time to create an appropriate outfit for business.

Bad Language

Although avoiding bad language may seem obvious, it still appears in the business world. Cursing and inappropriate discussions in business show disrespect for the people around you and for the companies represented.

Unreturned Calls

Not returning phone calls for any reason is not acceptable in the business world. Calls can be important and need to be answered promptly. Whether you have an answer for the caller or not, it is proper to return the call and explain.