What Is an Evaluator?

by David Kennedy - Updated September 26, 2017

An evaluator is a researcher, planner and problem solver involved with a specific process in need of evaluation. She may find a way to improve television ratings, look for correlations in data over a long period, or teach others how to implement what they have gathered.


An evaluator can determine the strength and weakness of a program or organization, can establish objectives for it, pinpoint what is missing or needed, develop criteria for how to achieve the goal, and then track the progress being made.


Evaluators will study a problem and perform research while asking themselves specific questions about the task. This includes gathering as much data as possible and then addressing the questions at hand.

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Brought to you by Techwalla


After the evaluation process, evaluators often assist in planning to help expedite the solution they came up with. They go over the new objectives and ways to achieve them.


Although evaluators may perform a function that is generally needed in a specific field anyway, one evaluator's solution may differ from another's.


The Evaluators’ Institute is an institute to help evaluators develop their career. It offers certificates in Evaluation Practice, Advanced Evaluation Practice, Quantitative Evaluation Methods, and a Master Evaluator Certificate.

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