To be productive and successful as a manager, you not only need creativity, knowledge and a keen sense of the big picture, but also to realize the importance of observing a few procedures and following some basic common sense to promote a successful environment for co-workers and staff.

Individual Qualities

The ability to listen is an essential quality for a manager. Through positive communication, a manager can establish himself as approachable, open to new ideas and respectful of others' opinions.


Receiving criticism from co-workers requires tact. Managers should support the initiative of others and be able to accept and work with their suggestions and changes.


A manager can be a role model and mentor. It is essential to observe an open-door policy, ensure that staff members have the proper tools, training and supervision, and be able to delegate tasks. It's also important to show appreciation for employees and treat them with respect.


Projecting a professional but friendly attitude will help put the interviewee at ease, allowing her to be more open and forthcoming in her responses.


A manager should be involved with his team. Actively interacting with co-workers and employees, listening to ideas or concerns, and effectively communicating to implement changes or new procedures will keep the team focused and moving in a positive direction.