Disadvantages & Advantages of Online Advertising

Internet advertising can expose a small business to customers all over the world. This would be far more difficult and expensive to achieve with conventional forms of advertising. There are, however, demographics that it can't reach, making it better suited for some products and services than for others. When used for the right products and in the right way, it has the potential to reach more customers for less money than any other form of advertising.


While online advertisers once had to go to websites and ask to advertise their business or products, today it is far easier to advertise on a large number of sites. Companies such as AdSense and Blogvertise provide one place to go and place ads that will be placed on a number of websites.


Any size business can reach a world-wide audience with online advertising. However, it is possible to spend money on advertising only to have it seen by the wrong demographic or by people in countries where the service or product is not available.


Pay-per-click ads are inexpensive. The advertiser doesn't pay unless someone clicks on the ad. It is possible, however, for people to click on the ad out of curiosity without having any intention to buy.


A major advantage of online advertising is that it allows potential customers to click on links to learn more about what is being advertised. This is something that TV commercials and newspaper ads can't provide.


Senior citizens are not online in the same numbers as younger generations. Products and services that are geared toward them may not be successfully seen by this demographic if online advertising is the primary advertising method.