Developing a successful committee charter requires strategic planning and creative thinking to cover the bases for any given committee. In discussing ideas for the charter, you must have a strong sense of the committee's membership, goals and practical steps for meeting those goals. Before drafting a charter, it is important that you meet with members or potential members of the committee to receive their feedback and suggestions.

Step 1.

Determine your committee's mission statement. This statement should encompass your primary goals and objectives as a committee. Type this statement beneath the title of your charter.

Step 2.

List the activities of the committee. To determine a committee's activities, ask yourself how committee members will work together to fulfill the objectives of the committee as a whole.

Step 3.

Write a section labeled "membership" beneath the activities list. This section will include the means and methods for appointing committee members. Clearly express the rules regarding your specific committee's membership appointment guidelines. Using this same process, create subsequent sections for committee officers and the committee chairperson.

Step 4.

Include an additional section on general guidelines for when your meetings will be held. Finish the charter by establishing a quorum requirement for your meetings. For instance, most committees require that a simple majority of the committee members be present for the committee to be able to conduct business.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer with word processing program