How to Create a Fundraiser Flier

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If you are trying to raise funds for a person or cause, you can help get the word out in your community by creating a fundraiser flier. Use your powers of persuasion to encourage people in your town, school or organization to get involved in the effort. The fundraiser flier should be bold yet clean and straight to the point.

Step 1

Open a new document in Microsoft Word, InDesign, Quark or a similar computer design program.

Step 2

Size the flier at 8.5 by 14 inches or 11 by 17. If your home printer can only handle 8.5 by 11 inches, consider using a printing service when you're done to increase the size of your flier. Set the background to a light yet interesting color other than white, such as yellow, salmon or light blue.

Step 3

List the name of the fundraiser at the top of the flier in a large, bold, dark font. Choose a fundraiser name that is two to five words long.

Step 4

Write the cause or person the fundraiser benefits on the next line in smaller text. For example, you might type, "A fundraiser to benefit the Children's Rec Center. Proceeds will go toward a new indoor basketball court." Be as specific as possible, but try to keep it to two to three lines.

Step 5

Add an eye-catching graphic that symbolizes the fundraiser, or copy a logo for the organization if it's well-known in the community. Make sure the graphic is not too busy and that it reproduces well.

Step 6

Enter the date, time and location of the fundraiser on the subsequent lines if this is an event. If the flier is simply soliciting donations for the fundraising effort, type in complete information about how the reader can donate to the cause (for example, at a website or through the mail).

Step 7

Type in full contact details for the organizers at the bottom of the flier. The reader will be more likely to support the cause if he knows that it is backed by a legitimate group of people.

Step 8

Print the fundraiser flier in full color on a large format printer or convert it to a PDF format and send it to your local copy shop for printing.


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