How to Get Businesses To Donate Items For A Raffle Fundraiser

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Raffles can be a great way to raise funds for a non profit group or project. Items for the raffle can usually be obtained free by asking area businesses for donations. Asking for donated items is a lot easier then asking for money because not only can you give the business free advertisement but the process is a lot easier for the business.

Create a donation letter asking area businesses to donate items to the raffle. Give example of what kind of donations you are looking for if you have a theme in mind. If not it is best to give examples to the individual company so you may not unknowingly exclude someone from giving. Always include the name, number, and email address of those in charge so any questions can be answered.

Get together a group of people that are willing to help contact companies. If you have some members that just do not feel comfortable contacting local businesses, let them do other things to help but make sure to get information on any businesses they may have contacts with. Some individuals will feel only comfortable talking to businesses that have a relationship with and that is fine as well. This is because most businesses are more inclined to give more or more often to organizations that they feel they have a relationship with.

Go ahead and send the letters to businesses who have supported the project in the past, is a contact of the group soliciting donations, or is that may have potential to give.

Contact businesses that have given in the past or that is believed to be a highly potential candidate to give in person. Know the business, find out rather your manager or business owner prefers people to just stop in or if they need a appointment.


  • A business will always be a business first when asking for donations for a raffle always let them know how them donating can help them. Also make sure to be able to represent why your project is needed and how the organization is going to make use of the raffles profits.

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