Band Boosters Bylaws

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A booster club offers assistance in the guidance, fundraising and mission of the organization it supports. Band booster clubs are no different. Many include a board of directors that discuss issues and act upon them in the best interest of the children. To that end, bylaws are devised by the board and compliance is required of each club member. A few standard items are included in all bylaws related to band booster clubs.

Objectives or Mission Statement

Each set of band booster bylaws should include the actual name of the organization, its mission and possibly the mission statement of the organization. Listing objectives is an alternative to a mission statement. Objectives may include lessening gaps between parents, teachers and administrators for the well being of the students; providing volunteer support to the band and its goals; and aiding in defraying the costs of trips, equipment, uniforms and other needs.

Executive Board Elections and Responsibilities

Board members and sometimes parents of band members often elect the executive board. Elected positions include president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Bylaws often require each executive board member to have a child enrolled in the band for the entire term in the organization. The executive board usually has the final majority vote in motions presented by either other board members or one member of the executive board. The treasurer is responsible for budgetary tracking and money transfers from the boosters account. The secretary takes and reports minutes from the board meetings. The president presides and keeps order while ensuring the best interest of the children is a priority. The vice-president presides in the president's absence and assists with presidential duties when necessary.

Board Meetings and Member Requirements

The band booster board of directors may meet monthly during both the participation and the off-seasons. Elected executive board members facilitate the meeting's progress while discussing and voting on various topics. Members often are required to attend each meeting unless an emergency happens or when the president is notified in advance. Commonly, more than two missed meetings without notification may result in an inactivity breech of membership requirements. Each board member may be asked to head or participate in one of many committees, such as fundraising, concessions, trip chaperones and travel arrangements. Some band boosters require membership fees from members and the parents of the band members to lessen the need for fundraising events.

Fundraising and Budgetary Concerns

Fundraising is a significant activity of band boosters and may take the form of selling products, producing events or handling concessions. Money earned from fundraisers may be used for the end-of-the-year band banquet, trips, uniforms, instruments and other needs. Board members often set the budget with the help of the executive board members for the year prior to the season's start. The board may have to approve any purchases.