The human resources manager connects all facets of the small business. As the owner, you might in fact be the person resposible for such HR duties as accounting, recruiting employees and resolving interpersonal conflicts, or you might have assigned these duties to specified leader. In either case, an HR manager is at heart a people person who is also proficient on the company computer and with the business files. The best adjectives for describing this manager reflect many diverse talents.


One of the most applicable adjectives describing a human resources manager is organized. This individual quality allows the HR professional to put her hands on what is needed at a moment's notice. She is often in charge of the payroll, applications, employee files and the accounting books, so she has to be impeccable at designing an efficient organization system. Her files are always in order and her datebook remains in hand so she can schedule appointments as needed.


The HR manager knows many private details about the employees in your small business, therefore he needs to be discreet in nature. The ability to keep personal information about employees safe from the ears of other workers is a solemn responsibility of this professional. He must keep information regarding health records, disciplinary action reports and individual salaries in confidence, so discretion is an essential quality in an HR manager.


A highly regarded human resources manager is one that is affable and enjoys working with people. According to eCareerFit, the HR manager must possess this quality in order to form positive relationships with the staff so she can help lead them effectively. She likes to work with others on solving problems and gains satisfaction from successful interactions with fellow workers. The HR manager typically works to make new employees feel at home, addresses issues with staff members regarding benefits and is excited to work with management on company policies.


Details are the primary business of an HR professional. He is charged with overseeing all the small intricacies of the business. For this reason, one of his main qualities is being able to handle all the components of the business, even the ones that are often overlooked by others.These include proofreading contracts, checking the accuracy of Social Security numbers and ensuring that employment files are completed with all company documents and tax forms signed. In addition to these details, the HR supervisor must keep up with work hours and overtime performed by each worker. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that HR managers also have to ensure compliance with all state and federal guidelines.


A fair-minded attitude defines the best HR managers. He carefully listens to all sides of a proposal or disagreement prior to making a decision. HR managers cannot have "favorites," as this undermines their integrity and that of the company at large. Without objectivity, the HR manager cannot develop the trust from others that is essential to the performance of his job.