The Advantages of Computers in Business

by Simon Breedon ; Updated September 26, 2017
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Innovations in computer technology have revitalized and revolutionized business both in local markets and worldwide. The advantages computers provide to small businesses and major corporations alike are endless, and they have made it possible for small companies to expand into larger markets. Here are some of the advantages computer use can provide a business.

Multitask Capability

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The computer's use as a multimedia tool allows businesses to be more independent. Computers link various technologies such as interactive video, CD-ROM, audio, graphics, printing and faxing capability, as well as numerous programs that can handle highly complex tasks. This can eliminate the need for outsourcing by allowing staff to handle jobs that would have previously been given to external parties. This keeps the majority of company operations in-house and empowers the business to be more self-sufficient and less vulnerable to failure due to mistake by outside parties.

Cost Effective

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Emerging innovations make for a more affordable technology that can be used by companies to cut costs both for office equipment and staff payroll. Likewise, potentially lucrative corporations can be started with little overhead cost. Email decreases hefty postage costs, videoconferencing may reduce the cost of travel, and for many businesses, software eliminates the cost of employing pricey accounting departments. All of this trickles down to the consumer who ultimately is provided with a more affordable product or service.

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Increased Access

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Computers can globalize the market of a particular business. The customer base can be as large as the supplier can manage for a low cost, if any. Small community social-networks can be linked to regional and national ones with greater ease, in addition to connecting individuals to vital resources. This keeps the market fresh with beneficial innovations and empowers word-of-mouth marketing for small business to compete with the big dogs.


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Computers allow for the use of different kinds of software that can better equip businesses to keep track of files, deadlines and events and organize all of their information in a way that is easily retrievable. Likewise, storage is inexpensive and takes up little space. The ability to organize files more efficiently can be one of the most influential contributions computer use can provide a corporation for better time management, and as we all know, "time is money."


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Computer failures due to power outages, crashes or viruses can devastate the operations of major corporations and bring them to a standstill. This can be a significant problem when it comes to the development and distribution of products that contribute to the natural flow of society. This should be taken into account before starting any business that might rely solely on the use of computer technology. It is always wise to have a back-up source of power and file-keeping.

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