About Lincare

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Founded in 1965, Lincare provides services and products for patients in need of respiratory care, infusion or enteral therapy and sleep conditions. According to the Lincare website, the founders believe strongly in education and clinical support to help a patient better follow his doctor’s care instructions. Lincare makes its products and services for home use. It operates as a publicly-traded company and served more than 800,000 customers a year of 2014.

Product Lines

The bulk of Lincare’s products revolve around treatments for respiratory conditions. Patients can buy oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen systems and high-pressure cylinders. Lincare also monitors patients to assure they stick to the prescribed treatment plan in terms of liter flow and hours of use. Lincare sells portable and electronic nebulizers for patients with asthma and other airway conditions. It also offers at-home delivery of nebulizer medication. Other products Lincare sells include machines for patients dealing with sleeping disorders and long-term, at-home ventilation systems for hospice patients.


Lincare offers services like home infusion for patients who must administer medicine intravenously. It also provides enteral therapy sessions for patients who need feeding tubes for nutrition. Lincare employs registered dietitians for those sessions, which can include at-home instruction and set-up and ongoing assessments. Patients have access to the dietitian 24 hours a day.

Educational Programs

Lincare provides several educational programs to help patients live with chronic respiratory conditions. The Care Check program assists patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease through home visits, respiratory assessments and training on the medications needed to control COPD. The Heart Steps program helps congestive heart failure patients self-manage their treatments. Patients dealing with disorders like sleep apnea can utilize the SleepEaze program to receive information on available treatments and visits from sleep specialists. The Lincare website includes an entire section devoted to patient education. It covers breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, nutrition advice and tips to deal with respiratory issues in the fall and winter months.

How It Works

When a patient comes to Lincare, the staff evaluates his needs and helps him find the right medical solution. Lincare employs over 10,000 people in its 1,100 patient service centers located in 48 states. It also staffs numerous positions, such as human resources, accounting, information systems, marketing and acquisitions, at its Florida headquarters. A patient's primary care doctor or specialist can refer patients via the Lincare website or by contacting the nearest Lincare patient care center. Lincare accepts Medicare and most insurance plans.