Best Businesses for Women to Start

Finding the best business for women involves many spectrums. First, a woman should make a list of all of her strong points and skills that she could offer her business. If there is a desire to get into a field that she is uneducated in, going back to school or taking community courses is a good step in achieving and eventually owning one's own business. Some of the most successful businesses run by women developed when they built on their interests or hobbies. Loving what you do is key to making any business work and become successful.


Being in business is a chance for women to express themselves and to be in control of their future, as well as making a difference in the lives of those around them. A woman can rearrange her time to meet the needs of her family and other lifestyle events. Businesses give a woman self-worth, the ability to succeed financially and mentally, and the opportunity to grow.


A woman needs to take into consideration what she needs from her business lifestyle that will fulfill her in all aspects of her lifestyle. One way to consider the greatest potential in an industry is to assess its growth over the past five years. A woman may ask herself what types of businesses noted women entrepreneurs are running; are they dot-com businesses, service businesses or product manufacturing? She may also want to assess the faltering industries within the past five years. Look at the failures carefully; be sure to grab key points from each business to take into consideration before you decide on your own business. Learning from the mistakes of others is important in not making the same mistake yourself.

Time Frame

Study how much training or education is required or recommend for that career. If you will be starting your own tax service, you may want to attend some classes or refresher courses at a local community college. Over time, occupations change and modernize, so updated news materials and equipment need to learned. To get a business up and running, it can two to five years to see a profit.


The function of the best business for a woman to start would be that it gives back more financial and economic gain than what you put in to it. If one is struggling to make ends meet or depleting her savings account just to keep her business afloat, she must closely analyze the overall business plan. If the business is not working for her as much as she is working for it, it may be time to get help by outsourcing some of the work or finding alternatives in your business plan to eliminate the weaknesses.


Some of the most successful businesses for women to start are ones that involve the dot-com industry or the Internet. Services as a virtual administrative assistant, advertising, web designer or stores and businesses that sell a product are the most profitable. Personal care and skin care items are also successful, especially if one can manufacture a label with her own name. Freelance writing and customer service jobs are successful businesses that can be started from home, with the potential for hiring employees to help with additional clients and added services.