How to Delete a Facebook Business Page

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The recent questions about Facebook’s use of data have many members looking for the exit door. So it’s no surprise that some businesses are wondering if they should leave the site as well. Once thought of as the best way to connect with consumers, organic marketing efforts are no longer as effective now that the site pushes pages toward paid ads. All that aside, some businesses may simply want to delete a page they no longer use, perhaps because they’ve decided Instagram or Twitter is a better marketing platform. If you’re one of those businesses, deleting your Facebook page is likely easier than you realize.

Why You'd Need to Delete a Facebook Business Page

If you’re deleting your Facebook page over privacy concerns, the site is under close scrutiny so this likely is the best time to have a page on there. However, if you notice that your Facebook page is ranking ahead of your website, possibly directing traffic where you don’t want it to go, then deleting may be the right option. The bottom line is that if there’s a chance your Facebook page is sending you valuable traffic or letting you interact with your customers, deleting is not a good idea. Run metrics on your page’s activity before you make the decision to leave.

How to Delete a Facebook Business Page

To delete a Facebook page, you’ll need to be the administrator of that page. This could be a problem if the person who set up your business account has left the company. Unfortunately, Facebook does not have an easy answer for that dilemma, but you may be able to claim it by requesting a new password. Once you’re logged in to your Page, click Settings, then General, then Delete Your Page. When you click “Delete [Your Page Name],” your business page will immediately go into hiding for 14 days. If you change your mind during those two weeks, you can restore it. Instead of deleting the page, you can opt to unpublish it, meaning only those with administrator access will be able to see it. That will give you the option of restoring it at some point in the future.

How to Delete a Facebook Business Page Reviews

The biggest complaint about the deletion process relates to not being an administrator. Often these users say they don’t see the option to delete when logged in to their business’s page. However, there have been some complaints from members who swear they are administrators and still can’t find the delete option. There are also complaints that after deleting a page, it’s still out there. Unfortunately, the biggest problem of all is that getting customer service on most popular social platforms is nearly impossible. Members can report a problem and hope something happens, but they’ll likely never get a direct response.