How to Use Yelp For Business

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Claiming your Yelp business page is a relatively easy process, but then what? From a business owners perspective, a company such as Yelp is a useful tool, which can increase business and help to develop a reputation; Just remember that a reputation can be good or bad, depending on the owner's drive to succeed. Like other search-and-review services, Yelp helps consumers find the businesses they're looking for and then lets them share their opinions on products or services they received. Reading such reviews helps other consumers make informed decisions and keeps you on your toes, which you should view as a good thing.

Why Yelp Matters to Your Business

Yelp users or Yelpers aren't usually just looking to buy a product or employ a service. They're looking to do business with tried and trusted companies. Wise business owners see Yelp as another savvy marketing avenue, and you can never have too many marketing approaches. Consumers who find your venture through Yelp, and then use your service or buy a product from you, can return to the site to write a review of your business. Your consumer base should widen if satisfied customers write positive reviews about your business. Basically, reviews are like good, old-fashioned, word-of-mouth advertising or "badvertising" for entrepreneurs who offer poor service or low-quality products.

More About Yelp Reviews

Yelp weeds out the fake or useless reviews and recognizes top contributors for their helpful reviews. This process helps to encourage a community of useful Yelpers who engage with the website and, in turn, build a brand's awareness or brand "bewareness." Don't panic; It's not uncommon for even topnotch companies to occasionally receive a bad review or two (no one's perfect, after all.) If this happens to you, think of it as a chance to improve customer service by responding to complaints and positive comments, alike, in a timely, polite and helpful fashion.

How to Use Yelp For Your Business

Even if you haven't claimed your business page, potential clients can still find your company on the Yelp website just as they would when searching for it on the Internet. If you do claim your page, however, you're then able to update your business information, as needed, respond to customer reviews (a biggie), add your website link, upload relevant photos, measure your page's activity and offer deals to boost business, for starters. Claiming your page is free, so why not?

To claim your page, go to the Yelp for Business Owners page at, enter your company name in the Find box, click Claim and then follow the prompts to set up your user account. Expect to receive a phone call at your place of business to verify that you are the owner.

If you opt for a paid subscription, you receive other perks, such as smartly placed targeted ads and removal of competitors ads from your page. To explore the paid and free subscriptions, go to Yelp for Business Owners: Find and Claim Your Yelp Business Page. Scroll down to the Products and Services section to choose the best Yelp account for your needs.

Yelp Customer Service Help

Yelp offers a few contact options to help you set up your business page or learn more about their products. But before reaching out, explore Yelp for Business Owners on their website's Support Center page where you might find the information you're after (it's basically an FAQ page). If you can't find what you're after or to expedite the process, you can reach the company by using their support center's email form at To reach Yelp for Business Owners by phone, call 877-767-9357.