If you love going to the gym and have a bachelor's degree, you can get a job as a gym manager. Managing a gym takes some business savvy. You will have to oversee employees, ensure that your gym is safe, plan and follow a budget and develop fitness classes for your members. If your gym has a spa or if it offers kids' classes, you will be responsible for overseeing these, too. It can be a lot of work, but managing a gym can also be rewarding.

Step 1.

Manage your employees fairly. You will make the final decisions when it comes to hiring and firing, and employees will count on you to resolve problems. Choose people who will be assets to your gym. You can ask current employees for referrals, take walk-in applicants or even look among your gym's members for dedicated potential new employees. You can also advertise that you are hiring in local fitness publications or on fitness websites. You can also list jobs on your gym's website. Take a class in people management or conflict resolution at a local community college or university extension to sharpen your skills in these areas. If a corporation owns your gym, it should provide you with a software program to maintain your employee records and payroll. Ask for training so you know how to use this software well. If you don't have your own software program, invest in one to help you keep accurate records.

Step 2.

Maintain your gym's equipment. Make sure it is in good working condition and that you've posted signs on how to safely use each machine. Check the equipment each morning before you open, or each night before you close, to be sure that nothing is broken or malfunctioning. If something isn't working properly, immediately remove it from the gym or put a sign on it that tells your members not to use it. Get it fixed right away. Your gym's locker rooms also need to be in good, clean condition. Delegate maintenance tasks to your employees to help keep your gym safe and clean as a team.

Step 3.

Develop a budget for your gym. You are responsible for delegating enough money to employee payroll, fitness classes, new equipment and other expenses. Work with your gym's membership coordinator to set a goal for how many new members you will need to get each month to keep earning a profit. Software programs and business management classes can help you manage your budget.

Step 4.

Member recruitment is another big part of your job. Advertise your services in different types of media. Offer specials, such as a discount for any current member who brings in a friend. Survey your current members to find ideas for improvement that could bring in new members. Send a thank-you note when a member makes a referral.