How to Create an Entertainment Business Plan

How to Create an Entertainment Business Plan. When you're about to start your own entertainment business, you shouldn't just dive right in. You'd only end up making mistakes and blowing a chance at something terrific. The best way to start an entertainment business (or any business for that matter) is to create a business plan. You can create a plan in a few steps and be able to build a strong foundation for a business with longevity.

Establish the basic outline of your business. For an entertainment company, for example, you would want to include the initial services you'd offer as part of your business model, such as party music, DJs and costumed characters.

Create milestones within your business plan. These milestones should indicate when you would hire new employees, when you would add new services or choose to upgrade to new and better equipment. When you write these milestones out you are making it easier to track progress and focus your business's energy in a specific direction.

Write your budget into your business plan. This is especially important for when you are looking for investors for your business. With a clear budget it's possible to see how ambitious your business model is, and makes it easy for potential investors to see both how organized you are and how effectively their money would be spent.

Put your business plan in writing and make it as presentable as possible. If this means spending a few dollars to build a customized portfolio with graphics and card stock paper, do it. The more professional it looks, the more people will take your entertainment business seriously.

Update your business plan whenever the scope of your business changes. If your business is thriving and new technologies become available or new service options become predominant in the marketplace, feel free to make changes to the plan and incorporate new and fresh ideas.


  • Hire a financial adviser to help you develop a solid entertainment business plan. You should also consider the advice of those already in the business, and those experienced with running an entertainment company. They can give you great hints as to how best create a plan.


  • Don't go beyond your means when you first create an entertainment business plan. It's tempting to come up with a huge list of services you want to offer right off the bat, but when you're first starting out focus on just a few services and make them as great as possible.