Keeping Track of What Freelancer Is on What Project

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Companies use freelance workers in lieu of full-time employees when a project is temporary and does not require the use of an in-house employee. However, a company with multiple projects might run into problems keeping track of what freelancer is on what project when it does not have a set method of tracking outside employees.

Digital Solutions

Computer scheduling software exists for companies concerned with keeping track of what freelancer is on what project. Companies can choose management software that runs on their work computers, mobile devices or both for tracking freelancers. Freelance scheduling software typically enables companies to assign freelancers to a project, monitor the freelancer's time on the project, update project progress and monitor expenses incurred by the freelancer for the project. The cost for freelancer programs varies depending on the features of the product, but typically falls between $50 to $500.


Consistent invoicing from freelancers helps companies to keep track of the projects in which freelancers are involved. Weekly or biweekly invoices from freelancers provide physical documents to help companies track their freelancers and their work. For instance, if a freelancer is required to bill her work for the previous week on the Monday of the following week, the company can look at her invoices to see her current project. The company can then choose to file the invoice in a section devoted to the project.


Set meeting dates for freelancers are useful for keeping track of what freelancer is on what project in the company. Meetings also enable managers to gauge the status of a project and suggest changes that could benefit both the freelancer and the company. For example, a company can choose to have a meeting every Monday that involves all company freelancers. At the meeting, managers can ask for project updates, determine the project on which a freelancer is working and encourage feedback from freelancers.

Filing System

Companies can implement standard paper filing systems for keeping track of freelancers if they do not want to use electronic methods. Companies can create project file folders that contain all relevant information for the project, including the freelancer involved with the project. If a company chooses to use a paper filing method, it should create a bio or data sheet for its freelancer to fill out. When a manager pulls the project folder out, she also can pull the bio sheet for the freelancer and see all of the freelancer's information.