Business disciplines refer to the practices that help a business grow. By putting a business practice into place, an entrepreneur can help ensure success and growth over the long term by creating a plan before the launch of an idea. Such disciplines help a business owner create a clear vision regarding the enterprise, set goals and create an action plan.

Motivation and Personal Development

It is important for business owners to stay motivated and care for personal needs. Creating new personal and professional challenges can help an entrepreneur maintain his motivation. Increasing professional knowledge with industry-specific trainings and seminar can help him stay current and implement new practices.


Employees are perhaps the most important assets in a business, so it is important for a group to work in sync. By promoting and practicing teamwork, a business owner can take advantage of all the skills and talents within a team in order to raise productivity, quality and efficiency. Team-building activities can help ensure that employees work together like a well-oiled machine under a business owner’s direction.

Holistic Bookkeeping

It is important for an entrepreneur to know how to manage her business’ money. A business owner must always be aware of her business’ financial situation and cash flow so she can remedy money problems at the source rather than treat the symptoms.

Creating a Vision and Plan

All business owners should have a vision, or a big picture, when it comes to an entrepreneurial venture. Creating a vision or objective helps provide a focus and a framework on which to base important business decisions. When developing a vision, an entrepreneur should consider the value he hopes the business will provide in order to formulate a corresponding business plan. Developing a business plan should help a business owner limit unforeseen circumstances so she is ready for any unplanned events.

Marketing and Customer Retention

Before embarking on or investing in any marketing campaign, a business owner should have a clear idea about the desired product. Every type of marketing solution a business uses should effectively communicate a clear message about a company’s goods or services to the appropriate customers. When marketing, also consider ways to retain and satisfy current customers, keeping in mind that their needs and wants may change with time.