Three Problems of Entrepreneurship

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The reality of a business venture failing can place pressure on any entrepreneur. However, there are additional problems in entrepreneurship that people may not anticipate before starting a business. For instance, you must have an understanding of what it takes to start a business venture. In addition, some entrepreneurs become so enamored with their ventures that they lose their sound judgment and thinking. This may cause entrepreneurs to make the wrong business decisions


Entrepreneurship means having access to capital, understanding business finance and building successful relationship with lenders. When starting a venture, however, an unprepared entrepreneur may encounter cash flow problems when he doesn’t have a network of dependable lenders or investors. Any successful entrepreneur needs a list of people in and out of the business world to depend on. An entrepreneur must understand business finance, or risk overpricing offered services. Overpricing your product causes insufficient sales and cash.

Business Management

About one-quarter of entrepreneurs cited management problems as another challenge with entrepreneurship, explains Researching Small Business and Entrepreneurship. A successful entrepreneur needs passion to get a business started and make it stable. Thus, personal problems, such as not setting goals, measuring performance and controlling your time can prohibit your from managing your business properly. In addition, an entrepreneur must have access to useful business information. Starting a business venture involves learning as much about your business and product as you can before securing capital. Managing a business also mean finding and retaining qualified employees.

Marketing the Business

Whether an entrepreneur plans to sell products like computers or services like repairing computers, she needs to market the business. Entrepreneurship problems can arise when an effective marketing plan doesn’t exist or you don’t have the ability to actually sell the products or services. Another problem involves using effective advertising. In a society where placing flyers on street poles may not gain a customer’s attention, you need an effective and thorough marketing plan to inform people about your business.


Other problems with entrepreneurship can also occur. An entrepreneur must have a clear strategy, which consists of a well-defined plan so you can adapt to any problems. Having a strategy also includes being flexible. You have to be willing to abandon a plan that doesn’t generate customers for your service or business.


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