Sales Tips for Scheduling Appointments that Will Show

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Sales professionals have to develop a long list of skills to sell product and generate revenue. One skill that can sometimes be taken for granted is the ability to ensure that clients attend scheduled sales appointments at your location. There are several elements to appointment-setting that a sales professional should be aware of that can increase client attendance to sales presentations.


In some cases, a client might miss a sales appointment because he does not place the appointment into his daily calendar. To avoid this, learn the client's email and standard mail addresses before you hang up from the appointment-setting phone call and immediately mail a reminder card to the client with your business card and product brochure included. Also send at least two reminder emails, with the final reminder sent the day before the appointment.


Clients tend to keep appointments with sales professionals with whom they have a positive rapport, according to the Acquirent website. While you have the client on the phone, allow the conversation to venture to topics of personal interest. Discuss things that the client likes and remain friendly and professional. By engaging the client in pleasant conversation and making a positive impression, you improve your chances that she will show up for the sales presentation.


Calling a prospect at the busiest time of his day during a peak in the business cycle will ensure that the appointment is not kept. Instead, schedule your cold calls during traditional downtimes of the day, such as the middle of the afternoon. Additionally, many non-sales decision-makers are accessible during holiday seasons because business activity tends to slow down at that point, according to Wendy Weiss on the Eyes on Sales website. When business is slow in your office, that may indicate the best time to start making appointments with prospects.

Start the Process on the Phone

While you are talking with your client about the appointment, you can do a significant amount of qualifying to ensure that you are prepared for the meeting. To make sure that the client shows up to the appointment, do some preliminary selling while you are talking to him over the phone. As you qualify the client, point out product features that will address her specific concerns. Schedule the appointment as soon as possible so that the client retains her enthusiasm for your product and will want to be there to hear what you have to say. Do not allow appointments to be scheduled any later than two weeks from your qualifying phone call, according to Jeb Blount on the Quick and Dirty Tips website.