Online Accounts Payable Training

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Accounts payable departments handle processing checks, payouts, filing backup paperwork, fulfilling check requests, managing vendors and keeping track of cash flow through accounting software. Online training involves educating you on these tasks and how they are related to the overall accounting department. Online training is a flexible way to learn accounts payable and can be effective in preparing you for certification as a specialist or manager in accounts payable.


Online training for accounts payable makes use of web-based applications that do not require to be downloaded and can be accessed from within the web browser. Often, the training is broken up into modules or webinars that save your progress should you close out of the web browser or your internet connection is disrupted. Online accounts payable training uses interactive features, such as user-responses to questions, videos and quizzes at the end of each module to ensure that you know the material. Webinars can be led by a live instructor or can be pre-recorded, but also offer information in a straightforward fashion and often leave room for summation or questions at the end of the session.

Due to the fact that the material for accounts payable training is straightforward and needs to be memorized, much of the training is based on knowing the information and applying to real-life situations. For example, a question may read whether a charge is a liability or a credit, and you will have to choose the correct answer. This kind of interactive interface makes online training for accounts payable a convenient and effective way to learn.


Many of the topics that can be covered in an online accounts payable training program include auditing, how to use accounting software, principles of discounts and deductions, common errors and how to fix them, handling invoices, e-voices and checks, 1099 Forms for independent contractors, management, and how to identify and safeguard against fraud. Topics under the American Accounts Payable Association include internal controls and international payments, for example.


Accounts payable online training can be broken down into two types--as a manager for heads of departments and as an accounts payable specialist. You as a manager may benefit from learning management principles as it relates to accounts payable and ensuring that the entire department can benefit from a consistent and uniform approach. You as an accounts payable specialist may benefit from a deeper understanding of the topics and become more adept at tasks, such as handling invoices, processing checks and preventing errors.


The cost of accounts payable online training varies with providers. For example, at, the basic course costs $40, but the course with a certificate of completion and continuing education credits costs $65. A national organization that accredits accounts payable accountants, however, often charges more for a webinar or online training. For example, the American Accounts Payable Association charges up to $209 for a single webinar. With membership to an organization, the cost decreases to $155 per webinar.


Certification for online training is offered by several organizations, however, there is no one governing body for accounts payable training. Two well known certification programs are offered by The IOMA/TAPN and the American Accounts Payable Association. Certification requires taking and passing an exam.