How to Donate a Golf Cart

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Donating can be a meaningful way of disposing of something you no longer need. If you have a golf cart that you don't use, you can find many ways to pass it on to someone in need of it. Charity organizations working with special needs children oftne use golf carts for helping kids move around. Golf carts are also useful to wildlife sanctuaries when maintenance workers need transportation within the park. Also, quite a few car charity organizations accept golf carts, sell these and use the proceeds for charity work.

Check your golf cart to see if it is in good working condition. If there are minor problems, get the required repairs and servicing done. Find all documents related to your golf cart and keep them ready to hand over to the recipient of your donation.

Contact SpecialKidsFund, a charity organization that works with special needs children. This organization accepts used golf carts and provides a tax deduction for the market value of your vehicle. Send an email to and offer to donate your golf cart.

Get in touch with the Cavett Kids Foundation. This organization, part of the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City, conducts camps and programs to promote the development of coping skills and character in children suffering from chronic and life-threatening diseases. Inquire if it will accept a donation of your golf cart for use during camps.

Visit the website of Car Donation Charity. Have all you golf cart details handy. This will include the make, model, year, mileage, vehicle identifcation number and license plate number. Fill out the donation form provided on the website with the relevant information, indicate if you require a tax receipt and submit the form. You will receive a confirmation from the organization, along with the towing or auction facilities’ contact number. Speak to the agency and arrange for the date of pickup. After your golf cart is sold, you will receive the tax receipt.

Call Keepers of the Wild, a nature park in Arizona at 928-769-1800, ext. 21, to find out details of how to donate your golf cart. This is a nonprofit wildlife sanctuary that rescues and houses endangered species. The park accepts new as well as used two-, four- or six-seater golf carts, which are needed for daily operations in the park.

Contact schools and community colleges in your area that conduct intensive athletic training camps for students. Athletic trainers need field vehicles called medical golf carts, which are a modified version of a golf cart. Although professional models are available, these are prohibitively priced and many institutions cannot afford them. Speak to the administrator and find out if she is interested in accepting your golf cart and having it modified to suit the athletic department's purpose.