Jazz music, whether smooth, bebop or fusion, appeals to a range of people who love the unique rhythms and sounds that got a start in New Orleans in the late 1800s. According to a survey commissioned by the Jazz Arts Group, the target market for jazz music includes at least five types of audiences. Knowing the characteristics of these various audiences gives you a starting point for attracting people to your jazz lounge.


Musicians make up just 14 percent of the target market, says Jazz Arts Group, and this group is highly like to attend live shows, such as those that a jazz lounge offers. These musicians are extremely knowledgeable about jazz, and often listen to it and love to play instruments in jazz ensembles. Musicians represent one of the youngest markets, with Jazz Arts Group saying 24 percent are less than 34 years of age.


Jazz enthusiasts head to lounges as often as they can, since they love to listen and learn about jazz. Jazz Arts Group indicates that 17 percent of the target market is made up of these enthusiasts, who have music collections that are more than half jazz.. Some people in this group were also musicians, but now use the music to inspire them instead. This group prefers all things jazz, including standards, masters and Latin artists.


People who dabble in jazz give you another target market for a jazz lounge, coming in at 17 percent on the Jazz Arts Group survey. This group tends to be 55 or older, with a higher education level than other listeners. They like different types of music and entertainment other than jazz, so they tend to belong to a variety of local arts programs. Securing this group’s loyalty to your lounge gives you an audience that keeps coming back to add more to their intellectual knowledge of jazz.

Standards Favorites

Music lovers who primarily like standards and masters jazz make up 19 percent of the market, according to Jazz Arts Group. They prefer listening to musicians such as Diana Krall. The audience primarily consists of older married men who know a great deal about jazz. This group tends to listen to and learn about artists on satellite radio, giving you an idea of where to place ads for upcoming events at your lounge.

Social and Price Seekers

While social and price seekers tend to know the least about jazz, says Jazz Arts Group, they want to learn more and have fun doing so. This segment makes up 20 percent of the group, based on the Jazz Arts Group’s survey, and they use the Internet to download jazz songs and learn about the style. Since this group tends to be more conscious of the price of cover charges and drinks, they may head for your lounge on days when prices are lower, such as on less busy weekdays.