Easy Businesses to Start in New York

New York lends itself well to small businesses, and there are several great business ideas that can be utilized within New York City. The location is prime for walk-in traffic, home-based businesses and service-oriented businesses.

Online Resale

Starting an eBay business is easy in New York City because the city is home to great vintage shops and thrift stores where you can find wonderful low-cost items. Items found in vintage and thrift stores often sell for triple what was paid for them. There are also several sprawling flea markets within an hour’s drive. Finding items and bringing them back to an apartment for storage and eventual resale is how many New Yorkers begin their business.

Rents in New York are incredibly high for businesses, so starting an eBay business out of a spare bedroom or even a living room works well for many would-be business owners in New York. The state also led the fight to prevent taxing of online businesses in 1997, so it's friendly to online businesses.


Finding a spot and investing in equipment and staff can be a large undertaking, but in New York City the foot traffic alone can help you pull in enough money to stay afloat and eventually turn a good profit. New Yorkers walk and stop in stores throughout the day, and few can deny the urge to stop in a bakery that smells incredible. All you need is a great line of products and a start-up fund.

Oftentimes you can rent a space with the necessary kitchen equipment already installed. Because the New York scene is constantly changing, there are ample open rental spaces that can fit your needs as long as you are willing to consider several different areas.

Baby Goods

One of the easiest businesses to open in New York is a children's or babies' store. People in New York will splurge on great baby clothing, especially if it's handmade. Baby blankets, sleep sacks and hats don't take up much room, so business owners could start out in a small office cubicle and move from there.

The items are easy to find and easy to buy or create, and storage is fairly ease. Storage spaces such as U-Haul and Westie’s have low monthly rental fees and are conveniently located throughout New York.

Service Industry

Service-based businesses such as cleaning do well in New York City because busy, on-the-go professionals don't have time to clean their apartments. There are also a large number of New Yorkers who would rather not fiddle with electronics or deal with the wait time of sending an item back for repair. You can advertise for free on craigslist and encourage word of mouth.