Team building exercises and games helps to bind your marketing department and becomes a springboard for generating new ideas while creating cohesiveness between co-workers.

When to Play

Marketing employees are typically on the go around the clock launching campaigns and trying to generate new ideas. Finding the right time and place to unveil team building activities is vital to making them work.

Find a time that works for everyone because you want to make sure everyone can participate. During a big product launch when everyone is busy from the time they arrive at the office until they leave, is not the best time. You also may want to avoid any new exercises during the typical vacation period such as mid-summer or over holidays.

Also, determine if you should meet in the office or off site. If you are planning exercises that require a certain setting, you may want to consider another venue such as a coffee shop or even a conference room at a local hotel.

Different Ideas

Some games or team-building activities can last for years, while others may be for an afternoon. One game that can continue endlessly is a "Gotcha" program, which is peer-to-peer recognition for achieving certain goals. These goals could be a positive response from a client or co-worker, putting out a marketing fire or delivering a project before deadline.

Find a funny trophy or something symbolic to your group that will make everyone on your team smile and use that as your "Gotcha" recognition trophy. Whenever the current trophy holder sees one of her co-workers meeting one of the goals, she will present the employee with the trophy. The trophy can travel throughout the department. You can also encourage employees to send e-mails to the marketing director about achievements and even have small celebrations when someone receives the trophy a certain number of times.

If you would rather implement an afternoon game, try holding team-building exercises through actually building something. You could partner with a local charity that presents bikes to children in need and ask your team to assemble a bike that could be donated. Bike assembly will help your employees learn how to work together as they create something for the greater good.

According to blog, Julia, a writer who posted a comment, suggested a game of truths and lies. Everyone anonymously writes down two truths and one lie about themselves. Employees need to determine which sheet of paper matches the right staff member. She says this game works well with people new to the department.

Why Play Games?

Games and team-building exercises encourage camaraderie and idea generation. Staff members who learn how each other works can discover how to be a more productive, resulting in a more effective team. Games are also a fun way to break out of the monotony of daily work. It allows people to use their talents for something outside the job and leaves room for growth. You also get to see your co-workers in a different light, which can shed inspiration to the job and result in closer relationships.