If you have an entrepreneurial spirit there are several great ideas to explore. There are many ways to capitalize on opportunities that exist right now. Ideas that can help you become your own boss, own a successful business and ensure a healthy income for life.

Internet Businesses

The Internet is perhaps the biggest arena for entrepreneurs. That doesn't mean it is easy to succeed. You will encounter a lot of competition in almost any industry you pursue, plus you will face the daunting task of getting people to visit your online business. To ensure success focus, on niche markets–the smaller the better. It takes only one great idea to make you a millionaire. An online store is the easiest thing to start. Focus on products people can't buy in stores like trophies, engraved items and more popular items like wedding favors. Make use of Google Adwords to advertise your products, price them competitively and ensure your customers excellent service and fast shipping by including a guarantee right on your site. Then be sure you can meet that guarantee.

Diet Product Businesses

Diet products is a huge market in the United States, home of the fast-food burger. People in this country exercise less and eat more fatty foods than in any other country. Capitalize on this by developing a diet pill from natural ingredients. Work with a chemical engineer to develop your diet pill. Research successful diet pills and find out why they work and what they use. It will also help to label your product as natural and promote it through a marketing firm. It will cost money and you will have to seek out venture capitalists to get started, but the rewards can be very great.

Your Own Passion

Another strategy is to build on something you are already passionate about. Maybe it is running. Develop a new product that joggers can use like a reflective belt. It would be simple to design, using a nylon webbed belt with a small reflective patch. To get something like this going, you will have to design a prototype. You can build one from strips of nylon, a buckle and reflective tape to start. Then look for manufacturers that can mass-produce them, using the Thomas.net directory. The next step is to find a distributor. Entrepreneurs take products to Wal-Mart every day. Explore all your options to market your product, starting at local jogging stores and working up to bigger markets.