How to Track Hours Donated

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Volunteers and the administrative staff of the organizations where they volunteer need to keep track of volunteer hours for various reasons. Volunteers might need the hours for academic credit or to satisfy court or other requirements. Keeping track of the number of volunteer hours donated is important for the nonprofits for grants and donor reports. There are several relatively easy ways you can keep track of your volunteer hours.

Keeping Track of Volunteer Hours

Step 1

Keep a small journal in your purse or the glove compartment of your car. Record your hours every time you finish up a volunteer shift. Tally up your hours whenever you need the information.

Step 2

Create a personal volunteer hours database. Set up a simple database using Excel or Access on your home computer. Enter your volunteer hours daily or once a week. Make your database as simple or as complex as you need. The most basic template would require only three or four fields.

Step 3

Check with the volunteer coordinator or other administrator at the organization where you volunteer and ask him to forward your volunteer hours to you (annually or whenever you need them). Almost all volunteer activities today require some kind of sign in/sign out (often through an online portal) or other record, so they should have documentation of your volunteer hours available.