South African Government Grants

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Government grants meted out by the Republic of South Africa run a large gamut. As with any socialized democracy, the Republic of South Africa provides grants for its citizens for a number of reasons. Because of racial tensions held over from the apartheid era, the government is tasked with creating equal opportunity for all South Africans; government grants are available to all qualified citizens, irrespective of race or ethnicity.

Old Age Grant

Though the name lacks subtlety, the purpose of South Africa's Old Age Grant is noble. The grant is available to any citizen or permanent resident of South Africa currently residing in the country who is over the age of 60. Eligibility for the grant is contingent on a means test, which is reconfigured every year, and that considers such factors as income and marital status. Those approved by the South African government for an Old Age Grant will receive a monthly stipend, the amount of which changes annually. In 2010, the monthly allowance provided by the grant is 1010 South African rand, or roughly $136.

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Child Support Grant

South Africa's Child Support Grant, also known as the Grant for Caring for a Young Child, is a government grant designed to aid primary caregivers with financial difficulties. The grant provides primary caregivers--who can be a parent, grandparent or any other person legally charged with the care of a child--with children under the age of 15 a monthly stipend to assist in childcare-related costs. As of 2010, individuals who make R28,800 (roughly $3870) per year or less, and couples with a combined income of double that or less, are eligible for the grant.

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Investment Grant

The South African Department of Trade and Industry provides business development investment grants under the auspices of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Programme. On account of the global financial crisis of the early 21st century, the Department relaxed program requirements in order to stimulate trade and business growth in a tightened economy. In order to qualify for an investment grant, entities with an investment level below R5 million (about $673,500) need to achieve 5 percent equity, while entities with an investment level above this mark must achieve 10 percent equity. The grant is issued at first over a two-year period and is payable on approved assets. Entities that achieve a human resources remuneration to manufacturing costs ratio exceeding 15 percent are eligible for a third year of the grant.

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