How to Make Sponsor Invitation Cards

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Fund raisers are the lifeblood of any charity or non-profit organization. Corporations earmark funds ahead of time for sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. Non-profit organizations must understand how to approach a corporation to secure corporate sponsorships, and how to nurture those relationship to foster future growth. Corporations look at sponsorship as good for the community and good for business. It is important for organizations to properly introduce themselves to corporations, which need to know an organization's goals and other basics before they decided to donate funds. By following the steps below, you can create invitations to help your organization attract corporate sponsors.

Making Sponsorship Invitation Cards

Step 1

Determine the size of the card you would like to send to potential sponsors.

Step 2

Obtain card stock in the desired size, texture and color from office merchandise retailers or print shops, such as Kinko’s or FedEx.

Step 3

Type and insert event and sponsorship information on a post-card template.

Step 4

Print invitation information, including details of the beneficiary organization and the services that are provided to the community.

Step 5

Print sponsorship levels, benefits and amount for each. For example, you might have a "Gold" level of sponsorship, which would cost $1,000 and provide one table for 10 guests, cost of admission and dinner for an evening event.