One of the major challenges facing retailers is how to allocate the available floor space to maximize sales. JDA Space Planning software allows retailers to use a three-dimensional modeling tool to plan their store layout so merchandise is displayed in ways that synchronize with how customers look for products.

Space Performance Analysis

The JDA software package includes "space performance analysis," which shows the areas of the store that generate the most revenue and those that underperform. The program provides store owners with estimates of the most effective assortment of products needed to maximize profits, as well as which locations throughout the store will attract customers to those products. Store managers can use the plans to place store fixtures, such as merchandise shelves and display racks.

Benefits of JDA Space Planning Software

The JDA Space Planning software helps retailers estimate how much of each product they can sell, how long a product will stay on the shelf and how much they should have in stock. These features create opportunities for retailers to increase sales revenues, decrease the costs of inaccurate merchandise orders and create a more attractive shopping environment for customers. The software gives retailers and wholesalers the means to cut out the guesswork and inefficiencies, while finding the most profitable mix of products for available shelf space.